1. Strategy & Consultancy
A pragmatic methodology to help your company at every stage of its development:
- market analysis
- brand positioning
- marketing strategy
- communication plan

4 Consultancy packages: 

Express (10 days) > Bronze (30 days) > Silver (60 days) > Gold (90 days)
2. Inclusive workshop in collective intelligence.
A 2/3 days inspiring journey to


Redefine the real value proposition of your company (or brand)

Ensure that it fits to your employees personal values.

Build a differentiating brand story and content strategy.

Imagine and co-create new paths of innovation based on the business knowledge of your employees.

Build an effective innovation plan with a common and clear vision and the commitment of your teams.

3. NEW! Personal Branding Canvas
A special program for independants/freelancers/owners to help them strengthen their personal branding and create effective storytelling based on their DNA and uniqueness. 
4. Interim Management
All interim missions are specific and tailor-made. 
Our daily fee is very competitive and established according to the duration of the mission.  

We are a very small agile structure with no extra charge (no office, no secretary,...)! 

You do not pay any extra commission fee if you deal directly with Strat & Com.

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