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Marketing Intelligence

- Market /SWOT analysis

- Brand/Corporate ID audit.

- Market/competitors/stakeholders/ products/services analysis

- Marketing /Digital strategy

- PR & Social Media strategy

- Sales & Brand activation

Communication Strategy

- Territory of communication

- Creative Concept

- Story telling,

- Content Marketing

- Influence strategy

- 360° communication plans including advertising,  social media, retail marketing, digital marketing,...


Collaborative workshop 

Team alignment workshop to define

- Brand DNA

- Common values

- Mission statement

- New Value Proposition

- New Brand platform

- New visual identity 

Personal Branding Canvas.png

Personal Branding 

A special program dedicated to freelancers/owners to help them strengthen their personal branding based on their dna and uniqueness. 

- Personal DNA

- Personal values

- Personal branding

- Story Telling

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