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Companies looking for advice or outsourcing in Strat(egy) & Com(munication)
Com agencies:

- Design agencies

- PR agencies

- Digital agencies

- Event agencies


VO Group (VO Lab, VO Citizen, VO EU, Voice, Sign), Altavia Act, Air, Hérézie Group (FR), Gulfstream (FR), CBA Design, Silver & Copper, oSérieux, Reed, ...


Institutional organizations:

- regional promotion offices

- trade unions/interprofessions

- cities

Vlam, Flandria, Interbev, Inter Loire, CIFOG, APAQ-W, Test Achat, Wagralim, Hub Brussels, Mobility Brussels, Fiscality Brussels, in BW, Cube...


- Food

- Wines & spirits

- Luxury Goods

- Cosmetics & OTC

Bioderma,  Vino, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Wine Paris, 

Small & Medium Enterprises

Jean Verheyen (Axa group), 


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